19 04
19. April 2021, 4pm

OpenChain Webinar: Linux license clean-up disorder dispelled

Reporting on all licenses within a Linux distribution is a legal requirement and it is one of the most complex and tedious open source compliance auditing activities. Early Linux versions lack clear license definitions and in some cases no license definitions are present in parts of the code. This makes compliance disclosure very difficult and time consuming. When Bitsea was tasked to audit Linux Kernels it has become apparent that above problem is not uncommon, however very confusing and complex to deal with. In this webinar Bitsea will discuss the problem and possible solutions.

30. April 2021

Bitsea Open Source Webinar

Compliance and Security in the world of Open Source. Register here.

30 04
16 09
16. September 2021

Bitkom Forum Open Source

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